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    Six Pack #1
    An assortment of           4.25"  x 5.5" 
    Half Fold Note          Cards w/envelopes
   w/specific narrative on    reverse side & packed    in clear vinyl boxes
box of 6
12x18 Prints, Posters, and Composites
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12x18 Prints, Posters, and Composites

Island Beach Wild Life
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                  "FAVORITES" Photos, Note Cards and Greeting Cards

of the
Barnegat Bay
Any of the wildlife photos you see on this site can be purchased by contacting me at:
Local slide lectures also available
For more info feel free to drop me an e-mail any time
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Barnegat Bay "Wild Cards"
Note Cards based on the wildlife of The Barnegat Bay
Or pick from any of the wildlife note cards below
Six Pack # 2
Six Pack # 4
Six Pack # 6
Six Pack # 8
Six Pack # 3
Six Pack # 5
Six Pack # 7
Six Pack # 9
 Greeting Cards 5 1/2" x 8