Dedicated to the visual imagery and study of the wildlife of a single estuary-The Barnegat Bay Estuary-and the amazing food chains they support.  Though most are continuous throughout our coast, absolutely every photo you'll see in this site was an actual individual of the Barnegat Bay Estuary.
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A Photographic Tour and explanation of the Life Forms that make up the food chains of the Barnegat Bay Estuary and Watershed
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Island Beach Wild Life
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The organisms on this site were  photographed almost entirely on,  or from, the bay, salt marsh, and maritime forest on the lower end of Island Beach State Park, N.J.
and absolutely all images, compositions, and narratives were taken, or created by, and are the property of 
Richard A. King


The images on this site are not for duplication
and not to be  downloaded without my permission.
They are all copyrighted
and if you decide to violate my request my overview informs me.

 I think with age comes the wisdom of expediency, and for a wildlife photographer, what can be more expedient than photographing the life that lives in your own back yard?  My back yard for more than 50 yrs. has been "The Barnegat Bay Estuary". Though different in species and life cycles, all are connected by the food chain that gives them life, either as predator or prey.   And though often difficult to photograph, I've never run out of subjects, or felt the need to shoot anyplace else.  

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